Jenkintown Library is a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Jenkintown Library has been authorized by the U.S. Department of State to accept and verify your documents, identity, and signature, and to send them to the Department of State to process your application.

Passport applications are accepted by appointment.

All passports are appointment only at this time. No walk-ins.

Please call the library to make an appointment at 215-884-0593 or make an appointment online with SuperSaaS


The items needed to apply for a passport are as follows:


  • Passport application (DS-11)

    The application must be filled out in black ink. The DS-11 form can be picked up at Jenkintown Library or downloaded here.

  • Proof of citizenship

    Applicant must provide one of the documents listed below. Please see the full requirements here. For proof of citizenship documents, the original or a certified copy must be mailed with your application. It will be mailed back to you separately.

    • a U.S. birth certificate
    • a valid U.S. passport (this can be expired)
    • a Certificate of Naturalization
    • a Certificate of Citizenship

  • Photo ID

    Valid photo IDs include, but are not limited to, the forms of identification listed below. Please see the full list of accepted IDs (and requirements) here.

    • a valid U.S. passport (this can be expired)
    • a state-issued driver’s license or
    • a state-issued ID


    You will need one color photo, taken in the last 6 months. It must meet the requirements listed here.

    Please note that 95% of passports are delayed because the photos do not meet the Department of State’s requirements.

  • Check or Money Order to the U.S Department of State*

    The standard fees for adult and minor passports are listed below. Find the full list of passport fees, including expedited processing times and passport cards, here.

    • Standard fee for an adult (age 16 and up): $130.00.
    • Standard fee for a minor (under 16): $100.00.
    • Expedited fee for an adult (age 16 and up) is $190.00.
    • Expedited fee for a minor (under 16): $160.00

  • Check or Money Order to Jenkintown Library*

    The cost is $35.00 per application.

    *Please note that only checks/money orders can be accepted for U.S. Department of State and Jenkintown Library, and payments may not be combined. No cash or credit/debit cards are accepted. 

Information Regarding Minors:

Please be aware that there are additional requirements for both minors under 16 (view them here) and minors aged 16-17 (view them here).

Full Information Regarding Passports:

While we have provided a guide on this website for your convenience, you should consult the Department of State website for complete information about passport application requirements.